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Operations strategic development & review

The right strategy to deliver corporate objectives is indispensable. The route to success is often via analysis of the facts and figures. But in practice there is rarely enough time for a fundamental and comprehensive process analysis. To help you solve this problem, we are pleased to offer you our experience and specialist expertise in advising you how to reach your corporate goals.

Our services at a glance:

  1. Make Vs buy analysis
  2. Factory / Cell Design / re-design & location analysis
  3. Supply chain design & Logistics
  4. Cost modelling in support of 'what-if' scenario testing
The 4-box model is useful to visualise stakeholder inputs

1. Make Vs buy analysis

Ultimately it is down to how critical the part group is to the company success, and whether the company is (or could become) world class in manufacturing the group - within acceptable CapEx constraints.


To understand this question better requires a closer investigation into the current manufacturing competiveness and the specialisms and technologies involved.  The business needs certainty around the core & no-core supplies and the competitiveness of their supply (as it ‘is’ and as it ‘could be’) to determine longer-term actions.

A typical cell 'footprint' with cycle-time diagram Vs target cycle time

2. Factory & Cell Design (re-design) & location analysis

Our approach is to ‘design the factory (or cell) from the operators’ hands outwards’.  The value-adding processes and material movements take priority and the infrastructure is organised optimally in support of these, to deliver; Safety, Product Quality, Customer Service and Cost Effectiveness in a comfortable work environment. The process starts with an understanding of the required Customer & Business outcomes and anticipated production volumes before creating a number of potential Concept Designs for review with key stakeholders

3. Supply chain design & Logistics

Core Vendors determined as follows:

  • make Vs buy assessment - Core & non-core product groups
  • annual expenditures - pareto...
  • location, delivery frequency and robustness of logistics
  • stockholding arrangements- quantities, ownership responsibilities

4. Cost modelling in support of 'what-if' scenario testing

  • Based on directly variable (essentially linear relationship) semi-variable (‘quantum’ steps) and fixed costs
  • Time lagged (ramp-up) learning curve
  • Regional data sources as appropriate

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