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Client: Multinational Automotive manufacturer of engine valves

Graphic displays the main elements of OEE

Task: Optimise OEE Performance in Engine Valve manufacturing link line 


Approach: Direction of Multifunctional problem solving team to target main areas of weakness 


Key Steps:

  1. Form and train the multifunctional team
    • Simple Industrial Engineering techniques
      • Process Cycle Timings
      • Activity Sampling
    • OEE and its constituents
    • Simple problem solving methodologies
  2. Walk the line process-by-process recording observations and concerns
    • Actual cycle time Vs standard
    • Stoppages and causes
    • Operator observations and improvement ideas
  3. Review as a team to agree areas of primary concern
    • Cycle time of the bottleneck resource Vs ‘standard’
    • Rework loops
    • Short and longer term stoppages
  4. Determine and set a clear standard for the bottleneck resource based on the optimal balance between speed and tool wear
  5. Implement the new standard and control via a Standard Work Instruction for shift handovers
  6. Implement fixes for rework loops
  7. Production study to better understand the myriad short term stoppages
  8. Implement longer term maintenance fixes and ongoing maintenance ‘checks and adjustments’ to resolve stoppages issues
  9. Introduce Autonomous Maintenance to manage ‘checks and adjustments’ demand.
  10. Continue to manage the improvement process proactively Vs ambitious OEE targets.


Benefits: From 53% OEE to consistently >70% OEE - >32% improvement

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