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was founded almost 20 years ago specialising in business improvement and strategic development, targeted primarily toward operations businesses – for both manufacturing and service sectors.


Founded in autumn 1999 winning our first two contracts with:

  1. Hydrospin Inc (a subsidiary of Luxfer Gas Cylinders) in Huntington Beach, USA.  These projects were outstandingly successful resulting in:
  • ~80% increase in output to meet exceptional demand for stainless re-breather cylinders
  • Re-layout of main production facility from 3 buildings to one resulting in savings of approximately $1M p.a.
  1. Alstom Transport Services UK. Facilitation of the development and deployment of the Alstom Maintenance System throughout their UK depots - mainline and underground.  Many successful projects were supported including:
  • At Stratford Market (Jubilee Line) a ‘pit-stop’ approach was developed for nightly and weekly clean routines, with substantial savings in expensive cleaning fluids, and improvement in resulting cleanliness and productivity.
  • The development and roll-out of ‘Process Maintenance’ employing the principles of ‘Lean’ and ‘Flow’ into scheduled maintenance tasks, resulting in substantial productivity improvements and error-proofing advantages.


Thereafter there have been many projects across a wide spectrum for both manufacturing and service organisations.


Some examples of special note:

  1. The development & deployment of the Rolls Royce Production System - as an associate of the WCI Group.
    • A key member of the team responsible for the development of several Operations Modules
    • Facilitation of the subsequent deployment with great success in the Bergen Diesels facility in Norway - a project credited with C£2M p.a. savings.
  2. The successful introduction of ‘flow’ and dedicated workstation pit-stops for Rail Carriage Renovation
    • 30% improvement in productivity
    • Reliable Customer Service (downtime)

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