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Client: Marine Sector engaged in design, manufacture, assembly and test of low to medium volume heavy capital goods

Cylinder head team discussing wash m/c modifications to enable 'flow'

Task: Step change performance improvement in support of business turn-round.


Approach: Train and organise workarea teams to deliver 'step change' improvements via kaizen 'breakthrough' activities.


Key steps:

  • Step 1. Analysis of the current situation as part of opportunity review
  • Step 2. Development of multifaceted improvement programme - Operational Excellence
  • Step 3. Programme launch, visioning and education workshops for Operations work-area improvement teams
  • Step 4. Improvement Phase 1: Analysis and Planning - application of industrial engineering 'Lean' tool-kit to define 'best practise' for the chosen work area.  Some of the areas that were chosen
    • Final Assembly
    • Cylinder Head Manufacturing Cell
    • Con-rod Manufacturing Cell
  • Step 5. Cross-checking of key numbers and payback analysis to enable sign-off by the exec team
  • Step 6. Making the physical changes: This is a variable to suit the needs of the project activity but very often involves some layout changes, and adjustment to roles and responsibilities
  • Step 7. Improvement Phase 2: Consolidation - re-application of the industrial engineering tool-kit to verify the changes have enabled the proposed benefits, followed by the introduction of visual management into the area (i.e. 5S techniques and cell based performance metrics)
  • Step 8. Improvement Phase 3 - Problem solving and launch of ongoing autonomous continuous improvement process.  Additional training and support as appropriate e.g. team problem solving using the 7 QC tools
  • Step 9. Celebration of success and review of lessons learned for incorporation into subsequent activities
  • Step 10. Publication and communication of case information for ‘road show’ communication pods


Benefits: 30% productivity improvement, 40% reduction in stock and work in progress


Client Comments"Mike joined the Operation Excellence program at our Engines plant in Bergen in 2003 with a low key attitude. He tutored our manufacturing cell improvement-teams to deliver impressive improvements. Mike was a key contributor to the manufacturing sites transformation. The combined effect was a growth from approximately 100 engines in 2002 to 250 engines in 2005, without growth in workforce. The language barriers between Norwegian workers and Mike were neither an issue nor a problem. I will heartily recommend Mike."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

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