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Business Improvement

Facilitation of stakeholder teams to achieve against challenging objectives.

Our services at a glance:

  1. Gap analysis of existing operations
  2. Development of appropriate improvement targets & program structure
  3. Training & facilitation of improvement team activities:
    1. Lean Sigma Tool-kit
    2. Business Process Redesign (BPR)
  4. Program & performance management against defined targets
Maturity Assessment as a means to an end

1.  Gap Analysis of existing operations...

The use of Benchmarking can help the main stakeholders gain consensus of 'where they are at' and where they should try to get to' against world class 'maturity' profiles

Alignment and empowering teams

2.  Development of appropriate improvement targets...

and an effective program structure are essential for successful mobilisation of the whole workforce - in the chosen direction

3. Training and facilitation of improvement team activities (eg Lean Sigma).

Our approach to education and training is very much directed towards results and the action learning cycle, in which support is provided to resolve issues and overcome problems as the improvement process progresses, effectively drip-feeding educational & training inputs as needs determine and not as an end in itself.  In this way stakeholder support is assured and teams gain in confidence and competence rapidly

Traffic-Iight summaries for exception management

4.    Program and performance management against defined targets.

Programmes of work are all carefully defined in Milestone & Activity plans; with tasks, responsibilities, deliverables and timeliness agreed. 


And are operated in conjunction with benefit tracking metrics - preferably communicated and reviewed in a Project Management Office

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