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Client: Multinational manufacturer of gas cylinders

Cell Layout & Operating Concept showing Operator and M/C cycle times Vs Target Cycle Time

Task: To form a manufacturing cell and ramp up production to approximately 2x the current maximum output capability in order to match Customer requirements on-time-in-full.


Approach:  A small multifunctional project team was formed from a selection of operators and cell support staff to develop the Concept Design for the new output levels in a 1-week breakthrough activity - to present-back to the senior team and the workforce at the Friday shift change!  The main steps were as follows:

  • Train the team in the essential tools from the Lean Toolkit
  • Agree the approach and deliverables for the week
  • Gather the data from the existing process steps; process times (man & m/c) equipment & tooling facility requirements, exiting performance data, safety and quality procedures, Customer & Supplier Logistics.
  • Develop the TAKT time as the target drum beat
  • Develop operational scenarios within this drum-beat to optimise work-balancing,
  • Layout equipment in the most comfortable and safe manner to suit the proposed manning scenarios, and enable effective materials input and output to the operational cell
  • Review all aspects of the Operating Concept to ensure it is robust and the team are confident in their proposals: the Layout, Manpower plans, Cycle times Vs Takt, Materials 'in' and 'out' etc.  NOTE This step in the process is the 'reality check' and involved a wider review amongst other key stakeholders
  • Finalise Proposals and Layout Drawings
  • Create the presentation for ALL Stakeholders, the seniors and the factory at the same session in a convenient area of the factory (~120 people)
  • Finalise the Concept Design following inputs received and create a plan for the changes



Smooth and successful ramp-up to meet the challenging output requirements, achieved within 2 months, to the delight of the senior team and Customer alike.

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